Basketball Never Stops – Week 6 Update

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4th & Juan – Week 12

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Fantasy Football Spotlight – Week 11

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4th & Juan – Week 11 Standings

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Fantasy Football Standings

4th & Juan
Week 11

4th & Juan week 12 standings
Week 12 Standings

Week 10 has concluded and it was a very exciting and dramatic ending with the Monday night thriller. Even after a touch loss, Armando leads the way with a 9-2 record. Second and third place are secured by Ponzo and Mario, the only thing separating them is points. On a slight losing streak after a hot start, Steve has the 4th spot secured for the time being.

Fantasy Basketball Standings

99 Problems but a Swish aint 1
Week 6

Fantasy basketball standings
Week 6 Standings

Leading the way for the Indica division and showing his fantasy sports dominance in two separate sports, in two separate leagues is Armando.  The Sativa division is being led by Eddie. Having a nice 6 game cushion from the closest person in his respected division. 

Basketball Never Stops
Week 6

Basketball Never stops week 6 s tandings
Week 6 Standings

Brand new league, with a twist. This is our yahoo fantasy sports Keepers League. Leading t he way for Division 1 is Erick. He continues his undefeated streak for his respected division.  Leading the way for the second division is Anthony. Remaining undefeated for the ENTIRE season, great streak.

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